Escape from the King Beta

Rogo Darius | Releases | 29/05/2016 |

During a very successful Alpha period on Escape from the King we’ve ironed out some kinks and beefed up the engine so we’re officially entering Beta. Current concrete features include: random dungeons, dungeon modifiers found in levels, adventure mode with 2 worlds, smoothed lighting, deformable geometry for lifts/traps etc., multiple weapons and enemies, and an awesome soundtrack courtesy of Trevor Hall. Future additions will include regional choices and screen shaders, as well as the ongoing work on levels and enemies (with a possibility of updated AI).

Head on over to the Escape from the King page for Windows and Linux download links as well as a bunch of screenshots and a full feature list.

Stay tuned, this is only the beginning. 🙂

LipSync Pro 1.0 is now available.

Rhys Clarke | Announcements , Releases | 12/04/2016 |

LipSync Pro (previously just LipSync) is now out of beta! The update isn’t on the Asset Store yet, but you can get it using your Asset Store invoice number from our new downloads page on the lipsync website.

There’s a huge number of new features and improvements in this version (Including AutoSync for OS X). See the full changelist after the jump.


LipSync 0.5 Update Available

Rhys Clarke | Releases | 28/01/2016 |

LipSync has now been updated to Beta 0.5!

This update brings the minimum Unity version up to 5.0. This is due to the extra time involved in getting each release ready for 4.6, and the rapidly declining use of that version making it less and less worthwhile. If you really need the update for 4.6, send us an email.

Here’s the change list again for this version:

– New BlendSystem base class: facilitates adding compatibility with other assets/workflows instead of blendshapes.
– BlendshapeBlendSystem class. (for using blend shapes – identical to LipSync pre-0.5)
– 2D support with SpriteSwapBlendSystem class.
– Added [BlendSystemButton] attribute for marking buttons in the LipSync editor.
– Added Export option in the Clip Editor. (Exports a self-contained .unitypackage for transfering between Unity versions)
– Added PlayFromTime method.
– Extensions Window for downloading 3rd party asset integrations. Find in the Window/Rogo Digital menu.
– Improved presets system: Presets can now go in any folder named “Presets”. The Presets dropdown also now takes subfolders into account.


– Clip Editor now behaves correctly when dragging markers while zoomed in.
– Emotion marker handles now re-appear when two emotions are seperated by resizing.


– Removed outdated ExampleGUI.cs and XMLExampleGUI.cs.
– Reduced the minimum emotion duration in the Clip Editor.
– Added icons for presets and delete buttons in the LipSync editor.
– Cleaned up emotion marker graphics to scale better.
– Made left and right eye transforms optional in Eye Controller.
– Dropped support for Unity 4.6 and lower.


Rogo Darius | Announcements , Releases | 16/12/2015 |

Following the 34th Ludum Dare 48hr game programming competition, Crashteroids has hit the scene and already received high praise.

Therefore, to ensure maximum availability it has been ported to DarkBASICProfessional from the original Java code and is now available to anyone with Windows over DirectX9.0c or with Java7+ installed.

Head on over to the Crashteroids page for your copy.

(Stay tuned, an Android port and a sequel are planned)