LipSync Pro 1.0 is now available.

Rhys Clarke | Announcements , Releases | 12/04/2016 |

LipSync Pro (previously just LipSync) is now out of beta! The update isn’t on the Asset Store yet, but you can get it using your Asset Store invoice number from our new downloads page on the lipsync website.

There’s a huge number of new features and improvements in this version (Including AutoSync for OS X). See the full changelist after the jump.


– AutoSync 2.0:

– Now supports both Mac OS X and Windows.
– No longer prone to random failure.
– Supports multiple languages
– Supports batch-processing of audio clips.
– Removes support for text-based AutoSync.​

– Re-introduced the SpriteBlendSystem.

– Now includes layers (multiple Sprite Renderers)
– Uses new SpriteManager component.​

– Added multi-selection to the Clip Editor.
– New, simpler Emotion marker editing system.
– Added keyboard shortcuts to the Clip Editor.
– Added position and rotation handles for modifying bone transforms in poses.
– Added curve generation mode options – Tight fixes overshoot problems, Loose looks more natural.
– New Preset format with bone support and better tracking of blendables.
– Phoneme and Emotion markers now have variable intensity.
– Phoneme intensities can be automatically set based on audio volume.
– Added loop option to the Clip Editor and the LipSync component.
– Markers can now be created at the cursor position by right-clicking.
– Added ability to create bone-based poses from an animation clip.
– Made editor detect when Gestures need recreating.

– LipSyncData clips can now be created without an audioClip.
– Improved the Clip Editor’s tooltips.
– Reordered the top menu in the Clip Editor to be more logical.
– Rewrote the XML file parser to read in new clip metadata.
– Added more visible real-time preview indicator.
– Replaced the viewport scale slider with a custom min/max scrollbar.
– Made Gestures Wizard “clean up” old triggers and states when run more than once.
– Moved all Resources into Editor Default Resources folder to prevent them from being unnecesarily added to builds.
– Removed ImportManager.cs, and switched to shipping the package in separate folders.

– Added undo suport for bone transform values in poses.
– Fixed animation curve generation on clips with very few markers.
– Fixed NullReferenceExceptions when removing the character mesh after setting up the blend system.
– Moved marker interaction logic out of the loop to improve performance.
– Made all marker handles respect cursor position when dragging to avoid sudden snapping.
– Fixed excessive CPU usage from the progress bar in wizard windows.

Known Bugs
– Bone rotations will always rotate the shortest way, which sometimes causes visual glitches.
– Marker intensities are ignored by bone transforms.
– AutoSync accuracy is lower than desired. We will attempt to improve this.


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