Escape from the King Alpha

Rogo Darius | Uncategorised | 16/02/2016 |

Following successful closed alpha releases through, Escape from the King has now entered public alpha release beginning with v0.22.

This is the first version to feature the engine in a completed state.

That’s not to say more won’t be added, but up until now it has been missing key…

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LipSync 0.5 Update Available

Rhys Clarke | Releases | 28/01/2016 |

LipSync has now been updated to Beta 0.5!

This update brings the minimum Unity version up to 5.0. This is due to the extra time involved in getting each release ready for 4.6, and the rapidly declining use of that version making it less and less worthwhile….

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Crashteroids on Android

Rogo Darius | Uncategorised | 18/12/2015 |

Crashteroids is now our most available game, it’s currently in OpenGL, DirectX and Android GLES.

There is no excuse not to have played it. >:)

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